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Robert Bradley

A former Traditional Shotokan Instructor, Robert taught Shotokan karate classes through Mid-America WTKO at the Japanese Karate-Do.

Robert has been involved in martial arts for several years and has studied Hungar Gung Fu, Tai Chi & Qi Gong.

Robert has been involved in teaching workshops for community and church events. The workshops focused primarily on Self-Protection and Self-Awareness and Moving Meditation for Relaxation.

After health issues forced Robert out of traditional fast paced, full impact training, he focused his training on Meditative Martial Arts, which is slower paced, no-impact and is designed for older people and people with slight disabilities.


The Pastor and Founder of The Church Connected is Robert Bradley Jr. Raised in a Christian home, he was taught the bible, and accepted Christ at a very early age. Before starting The Church Connected, he was involved in a parachurch, Discipleship Training Ministry that stressed discipling anyone who you lead to Christ and learning and applying various types of Bible Studies through seminars, conferences and personal study.

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