Holistic Life Journal: A Spiritual and Physical Journal for a Transformed Life

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Holistic Life Journal

Do you sometimes wonder if you’re really growing in godliness? Do you ask yourself whether you are presenting your body as a living sacrifice that is acceptable? The Holistic Life Journal is a motivational, educational tool to assist you in bible study, prayer, meditation, exercise, nutrition and rest. Our goal and the goal of the Holistic Life Journal is so that you’re equipped to fulfill your purpose with joy, confidence and strength

The journal can be used separately or as part of the Academy of Holistic Christian Living Coaching and Empowerment Program 

Life is filled with times of fun, celebration, accomplishments and dreams. 
Life is also filled with twists, turns, distractions and road blocks. 
Sometimes you just need a little help to get you through some of the rough spots and a way to track your progress. 
The Holistic Life Journal is that tool to help you understand and navigate through those rough spots and around the road blocks. 

Let the Holistic Life Journal be your companion as you learn about yourself and your journey. 

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