Well….. it seems that you’re getting a little older and changes have happened. Changes that you didn’t believe would happen to you!

Now you might be wondering, with the stiffness, pain and lack of energy, can you at least, keep in shape or get back in shape?

Then you owe it to yourself to take a look at Spirit Warrior Fitness and Wellness Coaching.

Based on traditional Shotokan karate, we offer Meditative Karate – A gentle, holistic, full body workout. Within our workouts, you’ll get a better understanding and feel of your body and how things work together.

You’ll also learn how to be
1). more self aware,
2). more environmentally aware
3). more “self-protected.”


I’m Robert Bradley and I’ll be your Meditative Karate Instructor and Wellness Coach. The Meditative Karate Program Will Develop:

   – Cardiovascular Endurance

   – Muscular Strength

   – Balance

   – Flexibility

   – Coordination

   – Stress Relief

 – Build Self-Discipline

   – Mental Focus

   – Self and Environmental Awareness

   – Confidence through Self-Defense

The Mission of Spirit Warrior Fitness Is To Keep  Adults and Youth Moving and Growing
Physically, Mentally and Emotionally. 

We Seek To Develop:*
Love | Joy | Peace | Patience | Kindness | Goodness | Faithfulness | Gentleness | Self-Control

the Perfection of Character | Being Faithful | Striving To Do Our Best | Respecting Others | Refraining and Avoiding Violent Behavior*

We Accomplish This By:
Practicing Meditative Karate, Focusing on Internal & External Balance, Proper Rest and Good Nutrition

For Session Information:
 3925 Kirkup Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio

For Session Information Call at 513-442-1743 or
Email at rbradley@japanesekaratedo.com

*The Shotokan Dojo Kun
** Robert Bradley is trained at the Japanese Karate-Do/Mid-America WTKO and is a proud member of the World Traditional Karate Organization (WTKO). For more information visit www.japanesekaratedo.com